Purps – Ministry of Cannabis Clones

Female clones available from the Ministry of Cannabis strain The Purps cannabis plant. All clones are ready for Veg state, free of bugs and guaranteed healthy

The Purps is a strain of legend and has gone on to win many awards in recent years. The taste is soothing, the buds dank, the bouquet is tantalizing euphoria and the marijuana plant has dense yields of ridiculous purple. And did we mention serious bag appeal?

The high is both uplifting and soaring, with a zero burnout factor and a deep purple grape taste that lingers forever. If you want a garden so dank that you will start questioning the true meaning of life – go with The Purps! A First Place Strain Of The Year and a Perennial BC Bud Depot Cannabis Cup Winner .

7-8  weeks on Medium High plants

Requested Donation 20.00 USD. MUST show valid/current Michigan Medical Marijuana License to receive.

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